Friday, October 24, 2014

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Letter E

We may have a "Show & Tell" WINNER for the year!!! 
We had a mom have a BABY over the weekend and named her Emery, just so she could be shown for show & tell this week;) Haha, okay, maybe just a coincidence...but big brother was SO PROUD!

And EAGLE & ELMO were among other fun Show & Tell items! Oh...and we had an "Excercise instructor" come in Exercise clothes and taught us some drills- loved it! Thank you for helping your child pick something out that begins with the letter we are working on! It really helps introduce our letter each day. 

We continued to work on Handwriting and Coloring and everyone is showing improvement! It will take some time for them to get comfortable writing their name correctly, but they are improving each week. Continue working on writing their names with them at home as well!

For Arts & Crafts this week, we made ELEPHANTS and talked about what they were missing...A TRUNK! We solved that quickly, using our fingers for their trunks and then acted out a simple song about elephants, while waving our "trunks around"

What an EXCELLENT week!

Letter D

We had a lot of fun this week! I loved all things D that were brought for show & tell! We had a dolphin, Donald & Daisy, a dinosaur...and even a DOG! They loved this show & tell, as we went outside to pet the dog and were able to ask questions about him and learn more about him. 
We celebrated our 1st BIRTHDAY this week & she brought in delicious cupcakes to share with the class and was able to pick out of the Birthday Box! 
For Arts & Crafts, we created Dinosaurs out of the letter "D" and even made it so that their heads and tails could MOVE:)
The kids had fun playing baseball and walking on the "balance beam wall" outside during recess.
Our friend that brought snack went above and beyond(well his mom did) and brought in Vitamin D milk with Ding Dongs! What a fun letter D snack!
This week several kids received their 4th sticker and were able to pick out of the treasure box. 
What a Delightful Week!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Letter C

We had a FUN surprise show & tell this week...a TURTLE! The kids LOVED it:)
We made Colorful Caterpillars for Arts & Crafts this week and used the opportunity for some Math...sorting the puff balls by color and then counting them up, before gluing them their caterpillars!

Letter B

Due to the RAIN...our preschool room got a bit WET, so we set up preschool in a different room this week! The kids were great with the changes and we enjoyed our week as planned!
The kids came home with preschool shirts this week - they are theirs to enjoy and wear as they please:) We are really settling into a routine at preschool and all of the kids are doing great!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014