Monday, November 2, 2015


We had a fun Halloween Party!!! Witch Fifi surprised us and made us a special potion(ask your kids what she added to the potion and if they tried it!) Hopefully she wasn't too scary and her potion(apples juice and dry ice) wasn't too weird! We had a mini carnival of fun games and prizes, watched a Halloween Alvin and the Chipmunks episode, ate delicious cookies, played games, learned a Halloween song and more! It was so fun to see everyone dressed up! 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Letter E

What a great week!  
We watercolored elephants and then cut a hole for the nose and used our fingers to make trunks! We didn't have time to cut them out, so feel free to help your child with that, so they can turn them into puppets! 

My older sons stayed home from school on Tuesday(to play with their dad, who is on a different fall break) so my oldest did story time with them and they loved listening to a kid read!;)

For music time, we learned a new song about elephants walking on tightrope! They loved this and we pretended the edge of our circle time rug was a tightrope! 

We pulled out the Keyboard for music time on Thursday and they loved taking turns with that! 

Practicing handwriting and coloring isn't the favorite activity, but it is so important! Coloring helps build their fine motor skills for handwriting, so take time to color with your kids at home!

We are heading into Fall Break NO PRESCHOOL next week! Enjoy your week with your kids and I will see you all on the 20th! 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Letter D

For arts & crafts this week, we made our very own Dinosaurs! We used several different shapes and a letter D to create the Dino! Not everyone got the color they wanted, but we are working on staying happy, even when we don't get our first choice! This is hard when you are 4-5yrs old, but we are encouraging positive attitude and talking about what makes us upset vs crying about it. 

I LOVED show & tell this week! The kids are becoming more confident and sharing more details about what they have to share. I hope you are having fun helping your kids find something that begins with the letter each week! This is completely optional and is not meant to be a stressful part of preschool! Please only send something in if they want to share! 

It was TREASURE BOX WEEK! Everyone got 4 stickers this week...some took an extra day, but everyone got there and was able to pick something fun! I want the treasure box to be a positive thing that they look forward to every couple of weeks and a food incentive for good behavior! Ask your child each day if they got a sticker and what types of behavior they demonstrated to earn their sticker. I want to reinforce the POSITIVE behaviors they model to earn a sticker(listening, sharing toys, washing hands after potty, singing during music and more!) Help me compliment your child each preschool day, so they will want to come back and model good behavior EVERY TIME! I appreciate your support so much. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Letter C

Captain America, Camera, Car, Cinderella and Cell Phone were just a handful of the fun things that your kids brought in for Show & Tell! We talked a lot about the different sounds that C is one of those tricky letters that makes a couple of different sounds and we talked about how some words like Cell Phone and Cereal sounds like they start with S, but actually begin with a C!
For math we sorted pegs by color and talked about MORE and LESS and then counted the pegs and made it into a fun game! 
We had a special birthday this week and she brought cupcakes to share with everyone and we had fun singing to her and making her day extra great!
Today during music time, they loved the song "Do Your Ears hang low?" and wanted to keep singing it over and over again! We got faster and faster each time and they loved that:) 
For arts and crafts we made Colorful Caterpillars and talked about how caterpillars create cacoons and then eventually turn into beautiful butterflies! 
Everyone got to meet Tank, our class turtle today at recess! They loved him and Tank loved getting out and exploring in the yard.