Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Letter S

Language & Literature:
Sammy the Seal by Syd Hoff
Swimmy the Fish

Shape Game:
We played a memory game with shape cards, trying to find their like matches...matching the big oval to the small oval and the big triangle to the small triangle. 

Arts & Crafts:

Dramatic Play:
We colored our very own SOCK SNAKES and then out on plays with our Snake Puppets! I loved hearing the stories they came up with and the different names they gave to their snakes:)

Itsy Bitsy Spider
Silly Snakes 

Outdoor play:
Stop & Go game...similar to red like green light but with a stop sign we held up to direct the kids to STOP.

Valentine's Day

We enjoyed a week full of LOVE!!! From making Valentine's for our loved ones, to decorating baskets to collect our friend's valentines in...we had so much fun creating things this week! They loved being blindfolded for a fun game of pin the heart between the giraffes and most of all they loved delivering their Valentines to all of their friends! 

Letter R

Finger play/Rhyme:
"I can raise my right hand"

I can raise my right hand.
I can raise it high.
I can wave my right hand.
At an airplane in the sky.

Language & Literature:
Little Red Riding Hood by Trina Schart Hyman
Rumplestiltskin by Paul O. Zelinsky

Arts & Crafts:
Rainbow craft- coloring the rainbow and using glue and glitter to make them sparkle!

Make your own Robot at home! I LOVED seeing all of these robots come back to school and each child talking about their robot and what they named it! Thank you for working on these with your child. 

Circle Time:
Recycling - what things can we recycle and how can we use certain things again? Encouraged them to go home and find things that could be recycled to use on their robots.

Rocks and discovering their different sizes and shapes and textures. We talked about the colors and sizes of rocks we found outside and whether they were rough or smooth, flat or jagged. We sorted the rocks by size and counted how many rocks we found. 

Row Row Row Your Boat
I've Been Working on the Railroad

Outdoor play:
Rabbit Race Relay- oh we had fun with this activity!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Spirit Week

Crazy Hair Day & Western Day were both successful! I loved all the fun hair do's and plaid shirts and boots:) We did a lot of review this week and had a lot of fun while doing it! We are diving deeper into phonics and the beginnings of learning to read this semester and I love watching them grasp the concepts, as they start to put sounds together to make words! Try having them sound out words when you are out and about with them. Find easy words like STOP and NO or EXIT as you drive with them and see what they can do! 

Letter Q

Language and literature:
Quick Chick by Julia Hoban 
Quick! Turn the Page by James Stevenson 

Circle Time:
We discussed the value of quarters and other coins. We talked about the different ways we can make a dollar and what they would buy if they had a million dollars;) I loved their answers! Haha

Quietly Clapping to the rhythm of our songs

Arts & Crafts:
We "quilted" the letter Qq's with paper and I loved that we had some quilts brought in for show & tell so we could talk about quilts and the different designs that can be made!

Letter P

Language and Literature:
Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

Arts & Crafts:
We created Paper Penguins today using different shapes and colors! The kids enjoyed piecing them together!

Pictionary with words that start with letter P! I was impressed with their drawing skills! Pigs and penguins and pumpkins and pizza and ponies and more! They loved this activity. 

Creative Play:
Pirate and Princess Day! What a fun day we had dressing up and playing Pirates and Princesses!! I loved watching them express themselves through dramatic play today!

Circle Time:
We talked about PAIRS and what we have pairs of on our bodies...eyes, ears, legs, hands, etc and searched for pairs around the room and outside!

Letter O

Arts & Crafts:
We made Octopus with our handprints...we used all of our fingers, minus our thumbs, to make 8 legs! 

We learned how to play Operation- some loved it, some not so much:) We had fun with it! Steady hands and our fine motor skills together made for a successful operation!

Physical Fitness:
We enjoyed competing in an Obstacle Course in the backyard and they all loved seeing how quickly they could get through all of the obstacles! 

This Old Man
One Potato, Two Potato

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen
Over in the Meadow by Olive A Wadsworth

We have begun to work on stringing our letters and sounds together to make words! Sounding out letters to make words can be fun and easy! We started with the words that end with "at" and tried to see how many letters we could put in front of those two letters to make a word. They came up with quite a few! I am looking forward to watching them learn even more throughout this semester.